terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

Fado Maior in Quinta dos Vales a big success!

Additional entrance tickets had to be issued on Friday, May 20th, when instead of 150 expected visitors nearly 250 guests came to enjoy the Fado performance in a warm pre-summer night.
Karl Heinz Stock, owner and manager of Quinta dos Vales said: 'It was a wonderful evening. My special thanks to the responsible ones in ALLGARVE and the Camara of Lagoa who impressed me not only with a perfect organization but also with a spectacular light scenery which transformed our sculpture garden and the vineyards into a scenery of 1001 nights. It has been another important step on our way to develop Quinta dos Vales as meeting point for wine and culture.'

View some of the photos here (© SantosAlves.com).

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