segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

Harmonias ComProvadas Combines Wines with Traditional Gastronomy

"Harmonias ComProvadas" is a concept that aims to pair Portuguese wines
with excellent dishes from its traditional cuisine where the jurors,
after tasting several wines in blind tasting, elect from among them the
three best matches for the dish chosen for the event.
In two of the previous tastings we had two wines ranked in 2nd place,
the "Marquês dos Vales Grace Vineyard 2007" red matched with steamed
partridge at Restaurant "Casa da Comida" in Lisbon and "Grace Viognier
2010" harmonized with mashed crab filling at Restaurant "Bica do Sapato"
also in Lisbon.

For a list of judges of the several tastings and to sign up as a member
of the jury please visit: .

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