terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

Quinta dos Vales: New Videos

Golf Tours Algarve

Golf breaks in the Algarve have so much more to offer than just golf! Join us at Quinta dos Vales for a professional wine tasting and guided tour to the cellar on your next visit to the sunny Algarve!

Broadcast Schedule for the next showings of the complete version of the video:

Linha da Frente on RTP1: O Eixo Berlim Lisboa

President of Quinta dos Vales, Mr. Karl Heinz Stock, in an interview on economics on the programme Linha da Frente, shown on RTP1 em 80/11/2012 when German Chanceler Mrs. Angela Merkel visited Portugal. Several German citizens, who chose to live and work in Portugal, where interview in this TV special.

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