terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

Wine Sales Soaring

Our Whites and Rosés were sold out too early this year. The wines were flying off the shelves so quickly, and against all of our best expectations, that we ran dry even before the Summer had ended, leaving many with a thirst waiting to be quenched.

2013 will see more production reaching the market as our newer plantations start to mature. Despite this year's tougher weather conditions, the lower yields have produced highly concentrated grapes which already show promising development.
New wines scheduled for release during our 8th Open Door on April 7th 2013 include: Selecta 2012, Primeira Selecção 2012 white and rosé, Grace Vineyard 2012 white, Grace Viognier 2012 and the newcomer Grace Verdelho 2012.

New Markets Conquered
Through persistent contacts at international wine fairs we have managed to reach new markets across the globe. We added Malaysia and Singapore (Viva Vino), and Taiwan to the list of countries where you can now find our wines, while increasing our presence in Germany through Orbis Vini. We have also found new distributors in Portugal.

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