terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

José Praia: "Between Coimbra and Lisbon"

Quinta dos Vales brings you another moment of wine and culture on
December 10th, 2011 at 9pm. The story of fado is brought to you by the
hands of a man who took a lifetime to come from the North to the
Algarve. José Praia, as he is known, was in Coimbra immersed in the full
mystic ambiance of serenades and the time of consolidation of fado,
gathering unforgettable fados and stories. The artist was not bound only
to the traditions of Coimbra and has been collecting songs from various
regions of the country, including the Alentejo where he married. Today,
some 30 years after his arrival in the Algarve, José Praia shares his
rare collection of songs and stories, collected over a lifetime of
travel cross the country as a singer and performer, with an intimate
audience of 60 people in a place full of art and beauty - Quinta dos
Vales. "A Rendilheira", "Maria se fores ao baile" and "Feiticeira" are
some of Coimbra's fados interpreted by José Praia, intent to demonstrate
also a more cheerful and conquering aspect of this style created by the
students of that city. It will also be an opportunity to demystify the
idea that fado is synonymous with sorrow and pain, transmitting it can
also be a form of expression and confirmation of the truth that, in the
voice the singer, is materialized in feelings.

Quinta dos Vales presents the second of its winter concerts intended to
boost the culture of our region through the combination of Fado and
Portuguese guitar.
A unique show, full of musicality and virtuosity. Not to be missed!

Tickets are sold on Quinta dos Vales (Estombar), Artes Barricas
(Porches) and can also be purchased online and picked up on the day of
the concert; complete with welcome drink the cost per ticket is 18.00 EUR.

For any inquiries: Phone 282 431 036 or Mobile Phone. 916 145 739.

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