sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

S. Martin's at Hotel Faro

On S. Martin's day by invitation of the restaurant Hotel Faro and in partnership with Quinta dos Vales a lunch was served prepared by Chef Alberto with chestnut as the centrepiece and accompanied by the wines of Quinta dos Vales.

Around 70 people enjoyed a well prepared lunch "around the chestnut" in which the wines of Quinta dos Vales proved excellent companions. Amongst the participants were some well-known personalities of the institutions of the regional administration of the Algarve and Faro, including Paulo dos Santos Neves (former President of Região de Turismo do Algarve) e Carlos Cruz (of CCDR Algarve). The participants were very pleased not only with the stunning view over the Ria Formosa of this special location, but also with the delicacies and the excellent matching Algarve wines. Certainly it will not be the last theme lunch to take place, where the future holds many surprising events revolving around good food and wine, where art will surely not be lacking.

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